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      Connect Government with the Power of Digital

      Modernize your network and systems today to quickly and securely meet the digital demands of your citizens tomorrow.

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      Meet Citizen Needs and Accomplish More with Less
      Deliver secure digital services on a fixed budget with CenturyLink solutions backed by a highly-qualified IT staff.
      • Rapidly and cost-effectively deploy infrastructure and applications that modernize digital service delivery to citizens
      • Provide advanced voice, communication and collaboration solutions to elevate the performance of employees and departments
      • Improve your cloud infrastructure to allow rapid time-to-deployment of applications and services
      • Access skilled professionals experienced in the public sector so you can do more with a fixed or shrinking IT staff
      • Enhance application and network cybersecurity to lower risk, improve compliance and protect assets
      Unified Communications for Compliance-Driven Organizations

      Move your unified communications to the cloud and stay fully compliant with your organization’s mandated security and privacy requirements.

      CenturyLink voice, network, cloud and security solutions help state and local governments advance the delivery of constituent services.? We make purchasing solutions easier through government contract vehicles – like NASPO ValuePoint for Cloud and GSA—IT Schedule 70.
      Explore Solutions Designed for State and Local Government
      Data Network Use high-speed on-demand networking to empower citizens and employees.
      VoIP Unify your communications with superior technology and equipment at a predictable cost.
      Security Detect, protect against and respond to cyberattacks with security capabilities trusted by the DoD.
      Cloud & Hosting Meet the latest citizen demands for digital experiences with secure, reliable, scalable clouds.
      Managed Services Simplify IT complexity with affordable, flexible services to accelerate your agency.
      Big Data and Analytics Use advanced analytics to act on big data insights and navigate a multiscreen world.
      Leverage Our Technology Partnerships
      CenturyLink has strategic partnerships in place to provide state and local government agencies with the best framework, tools, and expertise from some of the world’s best-in-class technology suppliers.
      Easily Procure via Contract Vehicles


      • E-Rate Assistance –? Discount Program for Schools and Libraries
      • G2G Marketplace – Government to Government
      • GSA?–?IT Schedule 70
      • MiCTA – Education | Government | Nonprofit
      • NASPO – ValuePoint Cloud Solutions
      • The Quilt – National Regional Networks Consortium


      • CalNet – California Department of Technology procurement
      • Texas DIR – Texas Dept. of Information Resources procurement
      • VITA – Virginia Information Technology Agency procurement
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