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      Pay your bill online

      If you want to pay your bill online, you have two options.

      One lets you pay without signing in. The other requires you take a couple minutes to set up an account, but then you don't have to re-enter data every time you make a payment. Which one you choose largely depends how often you plan to pay your bills online—rarely or regularly.

      There's a small convenience fee to use a credit or debit card when paying your bill via the one-time My CenturyLink or Quick Bill Pay services. There are two ways to avoid this fee and still enjoy the ease of paying online:
      • Enroll in?AutoPay?and pay via credit card, debit card, savings account, or checking account. Every month, your bill will be paid automatically from your designated payment source.

      • Use the My CenturyLink or?Quick Bill Pay?service to make a one-time payment with a checking account.

      Option 1: If you pay online, rarely?

      Use Quick Bill Pay if you're in a hurry, have no interest in creating an account and/or you only need to pay your bill online every now and then.

      Option 2: If you pay online, regularly

      Use My CenturyLink if you anticipate wanting to pay your bill online more than once. It lets you save your payment information so you don't have to re-enter it every time you pay a bill. While you're signed in, you can also look at old bills, make changes to your services and update your account.

      Both My CenturyLink and Quick Bill Pay are mobile-friendly so you can use your smartphone or other device to submit your payment.

      Did you know? Just because you set up an account, you're not locked into paying online. You can still pay using other methods whenever you want.
      Sign in to My CenturyLink
      Manage your account preferences and billing information online.
      Quick Bill Pay
      Make one-time bill payments the quick way with online Quick Bill Pay. No login required.