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      Unresolved Issue – Contact Us

      An open letter to you - our customer:

      First, I want to say thank you for choosing CenturyLink. We recognize that you have options and we are honored that you’ve chosen to do business with us.

      We also know that there are times when we don’t meet your expectations, and when that happens, we don’t meet our own expectations or goals of providing an exceptional customer experience.

      CenturyLink was built upon a set of commitments that we call our Unifying Principles – fairness, honesty and integrity, commitment to excellence, positive attitude, respect, faith and perseverance – and we use them to guide how we interact with you, with each other and with our business partners and communities.

      We know we are not perfect – but we are striving to be better.

      We are listening to you and know that when you are having issues we don’t always make it easy for you to get your issues resolved. We want to change that. In fact, as CenturyLink’s Vice President of Customer Advocacy, my job is to work closely with our senior leadership team to ensure you receive an exceptional customer experience and the highest quality service.

      Therefore, we are providing a way for you to let our leadership team know what issues you are experiencing. My commitment to you is that we will address your concerns with a prompt, friendly, professional and personal response.

      My sole job is to champion your needs as a customer. If you don’t know who to contact about an issue, my customer advocacy team and I are here to help. We truly want to make it right.

      You may contact our Customer Advocacy team via the social media links below. Your inquiry will be sent through a direct message to provide a private, one-to-one engagement.


      Stephanie Polk
      Vice President of Customer Advocacy